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Week 4

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Blog #2 (Week 3)

Most Important -> Least Important

1) Word prossesors

2)ANYTHING multimedia (ex. photos, music, video etc.)




I know my choices are a little random, but I can explain all of them:

Word-Students should start to learn this in late elementary school, 3rd grade-ish for typing lessons.  Middle schools are expecting kids more time than not to be able to use Word coming out of elementary.  They should know, at the minimum: How to make a new document, Save, Open, and maybe some fun stuff like Font Size/Color, stuff like that. Later on in life, it’s essays and resumes that we use Word for.

Multimedia-  Just overall, kids are already exposed to so much junk that I thinks it’s important to show them the ‘educational side’ of multimedia.  Furthermore, it’s what kids like to do, it’s one of those situations that if you ‘can’t fight ’em, join ’em’.  If they want to use their iPod, if I was a teacher, I could download some awesome French tunes on their idea to help supplement a lecture.  Let’s not forget my sweet SecondLife….life….that I created, I would expect that kids know how to, for instance, turn on a device.

Powerpoint:  This application just made my life so much easier in college.  I mean, presentations can be very costly if you’re doing it the ‘old fashioned’ way.  Take for example my 8th grade project on the Boston Massacre.  It was a posterboard that weighed about 25 lbs. with horrible amounts of glitter, seaquins, construction paper, rubber glue (yeah it smelled too), popsicle sticks, I had small pieces of glass on it to represent the glass tax during the Townsend Acts, the list goes on, but I think you get the picture.  I wasted SO much time, energy and money that could have been avoided if I knew how to use PowerPoint.  If $$ isn’t a good ancentive to not do something…I don’t know what is. This should be learned at the beginning of middle school.

Publisher:  In the larger context of ‘life’, this is by far the most useful.  I love having the options of making flyers, pamphelts or cards on  any given occasion.  Like for my graduation party from high school, I made all my invites and thank you’s on the computer.  My mom was so impressed that now she does all her little thank you’s and whatever else mom’s send on Publisher too.  It’s nice to have the option of making nice looking things, on your computer, for less $$ than you would be paying elsewhere.  Typically, this shoudl be taught in late high school, it’s really not a necessity for school, but it’s really useful.

Excel:  Once you know how to use Excel, it’s SUCH a useful tool to have.  I only place it as #5 because a lot of people either don’t know to use it, or don’t want to bother to learning it, making it really unpopular.  But I like it for a couple of reasons.  First, anyone who needs to make a list of any sort will find it the easiest to use (like maybe future teachers? gradebooks?).  Second, the same can be said when figuring numbers…using the formula box can same an afternoon of cramming numbers.  Also, it can keep all your files organized and in a very sraightforward so it’s user friendly (in my opinion at least).  This should be learned in late high school, to get the basics doesn’t take much time if you’re already familiar with Word or anyother program.

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Blog #2 (Lab)

International Journal of Instructional Media v. 32 no4 (2005) p. 333-42 Journal Code: Int J Instr Media (I used GVSU’s databases to find this)

The Effects of Intructional Media On Learner Motivation

This article is based on research performed in order to determine how using certain avenues of technology inflict more or less motivation to learn in a student.  Broadly, the study focuses on three main areas of intstruction: lecture, video, and interactive computer based intsruction.  By testing 96 people, the study was able to conclude that interactive computer based instruction was far more effective in generating motivation than the lecture and video instructions. 

Using this information to convince a principal that technology is good, because every teacher knows how hard it can be to motivate students.  Sports, social lives and everything in between can seem more interesting than learning, so having something that has been proved to motivate learning is something that a school should definently look in to.  Although schools are strapped for money, it is important to see software and things of that nature as investments that can be used for years (haha, not decades or anything!).  Consider if the school invested in software now and it lasted, say, 5 years.  5 years is enough time to follow one whole class through high school, not to mention that if we kept up on updates and maintained it correctly, we could stretch it out for a long time.  Any technology that we have right now isn’t going to look like the technology of the early 80’s, therefore will still be prevalent and useful, even if it does get a little outdated.  We must also keep in mind the value of keeping students motivated.  Things like drugs and fractured home lives are becoming the norm these days.  Keeping their focus on school is priceless, and I think that’s what we all need to rememeber in the end.

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Blog #2

I buckled and used yours 🙂

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Blog #1

1) There are many technology related devices that I have in my immediate enviorment.  First and foremost, there is my computer, which I use on a daily basis.  Other devices that I use on a daily basis are my cell phone, my i-pod and also my satellite radio.  At the pub that I work at, without technology all would be lost.  All food and drink orders are put in through a computer which in turn sends drink orders to the bar, and food orders to the kitchen.  Also, it calculates tabs and can split items and such.

In the past, i’ve had many professors/teachers use technology in the classroom.  Everything from movies, sound clips and powerpoints, to using instructural games online have helped me to learn different things at different times.

One of the main things that I hope to gain from taking this class is to have a new confidence about technolgy.  Overall, I would say that I know what I have to know and that’s really about it. I also hope that I will learn techniques that will help me to make my future classroom more organized and efficient. 

If I had to define ‘educational technology’, I think I would define it as “Technology that is aimed at aiding and improving and educational experience for both a teacher and students.”


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